Zoom Invironment

Here at Zoom In, we are taking the right steps towards our planet’s future by offering our customers a further incentive to help offset the environmental impact of their leaflet campaigns by planting a tree.

Carbon offsetting helps to combat global climate change by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as well as caring for local communities.

Using the services of Carbon Footprint Ltd , we will arrange to plant a tree for every leaflet campaign booked at a cost of £15.60 per tree.


  • Once you have confirmed your wish to participate in our environmental scheme, we will schedule the planting of the tree with Carbon Footprint at your chosen region.
  • For every tree that you pledge, a tonne of carbon will also be saved in the Brazilian Amazon. In this way, you will be offsetting carbon, planting, and protecting forests and biodiversity in 2 continents.

Do please note that it is impossible to measure the carbon footprint of individual leaflet campaigns, this scheme is not meant to imply that the total impact is offset, but by our estimations we believe that this should have a significant mitigating effect.