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Zoom In Leaflet Solutions

Why Choose Zoom In?

Zoom In is a marketing agency that gets your message in front of potential customers. As part of the Newsquest network, we have access to its distribution network and its vast online coverage, allowing us to provide SME’s with direct access to audience via the combined strength of a local leaflet distribution and online display advertising. 

We take a scientific approach, targeting postcode sectors that contain a higher density of your target audience. More recently we have entered into partnerships with national door drop suppliers that allows us to cover the entire UK. 

Once the campaign is built, we’ll advise you on design and print. So, we provide the full service from Planning, Design & Print Through To Delivery, we manage your campaign in-house.

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What Happens Next?

  1. Once we receive your enquiry, we will contact you to discuss to understand your campaign objectives.

  2. We’ll plan your campaign using our sophisticated planning tools and send you a proposal.

  3. We’ll discuss the proposal with you and finalise it.

  4. We will then book it on and send you order confirmation along with delivery address.

  5. We will take payment and ensure you are on track to deliver your stock to the warehouse.

  6. Distribution will then commence. We will contact you once distribution is complete.


What areas do you deliver to?

We can deliver to any postcode sector in the country. We can utilise our free titles (in those areas where they are delivered) or we can use one of our trusted partners. This can either be Team or Royal Mail.

Do you deliver leaflets with the paid for newspapers?

Leaflets can be mechanically inserted in most paid for titles. Please enquire for details.

How much does it cost?

Distribution rates vary on the size/weight of the leaflet and the quantity and frequency of the area/s chosen. The method of delivery also has an impact on cost.  Minimum booking volume is 5,000 items.

Can I choose the areas?

Yes you can select areas by postcode sector, town, or area. We also offer a scientific planning service to help you identify the best postcode sectors for distribution based on customer data.

Do you deliver to every house?

Generally we do not offer 100% penetration. The level of coverage is determined by a number of factors such as household type and topography.

Do you provide the leaflets?

We offer a highly competitive print and design service. We also deliver your own leaflets.

I already have leaflets printed. How do I get them to you?

After a booking has been made, these should be delivered to our warehouse at the agreed location by the Wednesday 12 noon of the week prior to distribution.

How do I know my leaflets will be delivered.

Upon completion we will send you a Certificate of Distribution. Our distribution partners (except Royal Mail) track their distribution vans by GPS and these reports are available in the event of a distribution query.