Why is print advertising still an essential tool?

It is assumed that in today’s digitally saturated world print is ‘dead’. However, we are still physical beings who crave physical communication.

The tangibility and legitimacy that printing can bring is greatly significant especially to small businesses. It stays in the home and builds powerful relationships between customers and brands. JICMAIL shows that on average they remain in the home for 5 days and are revisited up to 3 times, keeping your brand front of mind.

Having your brand prevalent offline through leaflet printing will help to increase your brand awareness among your targeted audiences as well as your current customers.

We recognise that digital has its benefits but it’s not so much print vs digital rather using print to drive digital traffic. It is well documented that combining print and digital offers a more enhanced experience as it ensures you cover all bases, expand your read and appeal to as much of your audience as possible.