What is the predicted reach of your door drop campaign?

JICMAIL is an audience measurement tool helping to discover the value of audience and items data for door drops.

Using this data, we can show our customers the wider effects their door drop campaign will have, for their own particular industry sector.

For example, the table on the left shows the reach, frequency and lifespan of a door drop campaign for estate agents for 25,000 leaflets. Their item will reach 25,747 people with the leaflet being seen and interacted with 75,181 times.

We can see that their leaflet will remain in the home for 4.5 days where it will get opened, shared, and read prompting discussions or website visit which will drive actions. As we can see, 1,250 items will drive commercial actions which is an 8% impact rate.

This helps customers to visualise the bigger picture of their leaflet campaign, understanding the impact their item will have based on their number of items delivered.