Three Great Ideas for 2024

Target Younger People

It’s time to bust the myth that younger people don’t engage with mail. JICMAIL research shows that door drops in younger households are more likely to be shared and they stay in the home for much longer than other age groups, for nearly nine days on average.

This is a golden opportunity for brands to reach the under-targeted younger audience to stand out on the door mat and get ahead of competitors.

Make a difference

Consumers concern about environmental sustainability continue to increase, making an important differentiator for brands with 32% actively choosing to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and 58% supporting local businesses through their commercial actions.

This means that there are big opportunities for those businesses that are able to listen to this new ‘request of care’ towards the individual, the wider community, and the Earth.

Be consistent

To see steady success with your advertising, you have to work at it over time. Advertising regularly boosts trust making consumers more ready to make buying decisions as leaflets stay in the home for an average of five days and can help your customers build a connection while encouraging them to relate to your brand.