The Importance Of Targeting

The cornerstone of the Zoom In offering has been taking a data led approach to ensure that campaigns are delivered to PC Sectors that contain a higher density of your target audience.

We have talked in previous articles and blogs about why this is important and the benefits it can bring in particular improving response whilst minimising wastage.

Recently we have adopted the consumer classification tool Acorn, which is driven by CACI. This allows us to profile your customers giving us a clear understanding of the target audience. Using this technique then enables us to identify the postcode sectors in your catchment or desired area that contain the highest density of your target audience. As a result we then plan delivery to those postcode sectors that are most likely to benefit from your product or service. The graphic highlights the characteristics of one of the Acorn Groups, ‘Flourishing Capital’.

And it’s not just Acorn classification we can target by. If you have a particular age group, household income, family composition, magazines read or by interests such as DIY or cookery, we can also find the best postcode sectors to target. We can even target by people who rarely keep the tap running whilst brushing their teeth!!!

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