The Benefits of JICMAIL

JICMAIL is an audience measurement tool which highlights the power and impact of door drops.

Having access to the latest data helps us understand the impact your leaflet campaign will have by measuring reach, frequency, and lifespan.

On average door drop is seen by 1.1 people and interacted with 3.1 times and remains in the home for five days.

We use JICMAIL Insight to support customers in three significant ways. Firstly, by showing clients the wider effects of a door drop campaign. For example, a leaflet campaign for 10,000 items will reach 10,537 people with the leaflet being seen and interacted with 33,403 times.

Secondly, we can see how much your target audience is interacting with door drop in your industry sector. This will help you plan your campaign accordingly by understanding how likely your audience in your sector is to be exposed to a leaflet, likely to receive and how often they interact with.

Lastly, we can show customers the lifespan of their leaflets remaining in the home. This is a useful indicator for customers because the longer the lifespan the more likely their leaflet will be interacted with which will prompt action.

The graph illustrates that in the financial sector, although women are more likely to receive door drop, men are more likely to interact with therefore should be targeted more to boost response.