Looking Forward to 2024

It is undeniable that it has been another economically difficult year however we have seen a huge growth by 10.9% on the lifespan of door drops highlighted by JICMAIL data. This further reassures customers to keep advertising despite the challenging times to benefit your business long term by building brand growth.

Here at Zoom In we have a number of initiatives that can help.

Scientifically Targeted Campaigns

We take a data led approach using Mosaic to reach households that match your customer profile. Then identify the postcode sectors in your catchment that contain the highest density of your target audience, therefore maximising response whilst minimising wastage.

Full Service

Zoom In aim to take the anxiety away offering a full service from planning, design & print through to delivery. Our thorough process gives you peace of mind so visit our website or contact us to find out more.

Align digital and physical worlds

With the current economic difficulties, as mentioned above it is now more important than ever to ensure that your advertising is working for your business to its full potential. Therefore, by including both mail and digital in the media mix you are maximising exposure, attention, and engagement with mail items driving over 5 minutes of website usage on average.

No matter what 2024 throws at us there will be opportunities. It’s about working with the right partners to uncover those opportunities.