Door Drops in the digital age?

With digital seen as the trendy way to promote businesses, we ask if leaflet advertising still offers a relevant and viable way to grow your business.

The short answer is yes.

JICMAIL data also highlights that 85% of door drops with local content are engaged with and 75% read. This shows that local content grabs people’s attention as local businesses are seen as trustworthy.

In addition, the same data shows that a leaflet is seen by more than one person in the household and is revisited up to three times. So, your leaflet is seen a significant number of times more than the actual volume that is delivered!!!

JICMAIL research also shows that a leaflet is kept in the household for a period of more than five days, allowing it to be revisited when the householder is ready to do so. Does any other above the line marketing channel afford marketeers the same luxury?

But our recommendation is not leaflets instead of digital. Far from it. We would strongly suggest that you bring the strengths of both of these channels to drive an even greater response. Use your tangible, well designed leaflet to drive traffic online. The use of QR codes or discount vouchers on a leaflet not only deliver awareness they drive online response.

The leaflets and digital, the perfect combination to help your business grow.